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Mad at the treachery, but unable to use his hands, Mairaj gripped Jhala’s katar with his toes, pulled it out of his waistband and ended the opponent’s life by thrusting it in his stomach with a vigorous kick. Disclaimer: This site is a work in progress, and many articles may contain errors, duplication, or simply need tender loving care.

Manufacture: Paper, inferior glass from a peculiar kind of earth.Compartment: A grassy ground, porper Motto: ATMANAM SATATAM VIDDHI (Always know yourself) in white lettering on a purple ribbon The Original COA was changed by Lieutenant-Colonel H. Raj Rishi Shri Sawai Maharaja Sir Mangal Singhji Veerendra Shiromani Dev Bharat Prabhakar Bahadur, Maharaja of Alwar (1874 – 1892) by writing a letter to the Government of India.Maharaja Mangal Singhji discarded Taylor’s (Robert Taylor of the Bengal Civil Service and the designer of the COAs of the Indian Princely States ) design and gave his reasons why he substituted his own.The erstwhile palace which belonged to Maharao Lakhpatji has now been transformed into a Madanji Museum since 1977.It is one of the chief Tourist Attractions in old part of Bhuj.The Hall of Mirrors which is supposedly the prime attraction of Aina Mahal has white marble walls that are covered with mirrors and gilded ornaments.

The floor of the Mirror Hall is laid with tiles with a podium above it that is surrounded by a chain of fountains.in New Delhi, daughter of Raja Brijendra Singh of Dada-Siba, and his wife, Rani Devika Singh, and has issue, two daughters and a son. Alwar, Rajasthan, India) Army: 1800 Cavalry, 4,750 Infantry, 10 field and 290 other guns and 369 Artillery men.Major Produce of the State: Millets, Bajra, Jour, Barley, Gram, Cotton, Indian corn, Wheat pulses, Oil seeds, Sugarcane, Tobacco and Opium.After much fighting, an interview was arranged between the two monarchs. Reverse: Victoria Empress.(notice the age of the Empress in the face structure.When they were squatting on the ground facing one another, four of Jhala’s men pinioned Mairaj’s arms from behind with intent to murder him. Such was the perfection of the Rajput rulers in administering their Kingdoms.) Source: Imperial Gazetteer of India, Native States of India, The golden book of India.As finest example of 12th Century marvels, the Palace has grand reception room with large doors, a carved false ceiling, Belgian mirrors, French furniture, and superb Italian marble statues.

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